Donation Based Crisis Calls

We welcome and appreciate all donations of any size!

New Beginnings offers donations based crisis calls, as well as wellness check in calls in between sessions. The call can be up to 30 minutes and the suggested donation amount is $50 per 30 minutes.
You can schedule them in advance or reach out randomly if there is a crisis, and we will do our best to accommodate. Donations are encouraged to be sent immediately after the call but if there are limited funds at the time of the requested crisis call, you are welcome to donate later in the week or month if possible. No one will ever be turned away in crisis due to inability to pay. Minimum suggested donations are highly encouraged and appreciated but not required to receive assistance and support in times of perceived need.
You are welcome to donate more than the suggested amount as well or send a donation of any size, any time just to show your support.  All donations of any size are deeply appreciated as it helps us to support our mission of serving others. We love you and thank you in advance!