Erika is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Transformation Coach, and Inner Child Healing Practitioner. She is a Breakthrough Expert who is best described as a Spiritual Teacher, Healing Facilitator & Motivational Speaker. She has helped hundreds of clients transform their lives in her Private Coaching Practice and continues to help thousands more every day through her teachings online.

A Special Note From Erika

I believe you have been led here, now, by divine appointment, so that we may begin your healing journey together.

I am not a guru, I am simply a woman who has struggled with bullying, low self esteem, body image dysmorphic disorder, fear of rejection, a need for validation and approval, addiction, trauma, sexual trauma, abusive relationships, toxic behaviors, self limiting beliefs, feeling angry with God, being raised in a dysfunctional family, being abandoned by my father, disowned by my mother, depression, anxiety and suicided. I have not only overcome these challenges but I actually have immense gratitude for these experiences. I believe I chose them all unconsciously because I knew they would serve me in my evolutionary process, and the agenda of my soul which is to help others who are struggling with these same things. Today, I am happier than I have ever been in my life, and I feel joyful, grateful and blessed! This is not a reaction to the circumstances in my life (as I also have my challenges) but rather a decision I have made on purpose and I will teach you to do the same.

I am here today as a testimony that God, mindset, faith, awareness and forgiveness can not only transcend all the negativity you have experienced but can actually catapult you to your divine destiny. It is through the darkness that one experiences themselves as light. I am here to light the match and remind you of who you really are. I will help you objectively analyze your thought patterns, emotional cycles and unconscious behaviors and habits so that you can become aware of them and start to heal and transform your life. With my expert training, therapy and coaching techniques, and spiritual guidance, we can start to dismantle the foundational thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you from your true potential and help you unleash the power that lies within. It is time to release all that no longer serves you, and start living as your higher self. Your awakening starts now. Your new beginning starts here.