Spiritual Counseling and Coaching

Awareness is the first step towards healing, recovery, and empowerment.

In our private, one-on one sessions,  I will help you objectively analyze your thought patterns, emotional cycles and unconscious behaviors and habits so that you can become aware of what no longer serves you and give you the tools needed to transform your limited beliefs.

I am here to help you find God in the midst of your struggles, find the gifts in your most difficult experiences, and spiritually support you during periods of adjustments to life experiences.

Together, we will work towards transformation by providing compassionate listening, reflective inquiry, expert training, proven therapy techniques, and spiritual support to help you discover your own inner divine guidance, abilities, strengths and potential.


We’ll start with identifying what it is you are struggling with most and why.  What are the perceived challenges that are limiting you, blocking you from your joy and robbing you of your peace? We will look at your history, your upbringing, past hurts and traumas. We will go over your accomplishments as well as perceived “failures” and how you came to be where you are now. We will identify what your triggers are and where they stem from and why they are triggers to begin with. I call the first stage of the Transformation Program “The Release” because that is exactly what you’ll be doing during this time. Releasing all the pain, past hurts, fears, doubts, shame, guilt, and resentments. Speaking is releasing.  There is healing in speaking and getting all that you are holding in your head, and in your heart, off of your chest. There is healing in the tears that will be released as well. This is the first step to healing. 

Raise the vibration.

Once we identify the blocks that are holding you back, and release all that no longer serves you, I will use proven NLP techniques, Counseling tools and Psychological modalities to help you replace these self limiting thoughts, habits and behaviors with ones that will help serve you.  We will make the unconscious, conscious and start to reprogram your mind to operate on a Growth Mindset, instead of a fixed mindset. We will work together to shift your perspectives, find the positives in the negative situations and release low vibrating emotions so that we can raise your vibration and start to align with your higher self. 

Your New Beginning!

This is the fun part because it’s when we really start to identify who you are, why you are the way you are, what’s most important to you in life, what do you want from life, what you don’t want, what matters to you most, what are your goals and what brings you true joy and fulfilment ibn life. We then create a roadmap and action plan to take you there! This is where you discover you have the power to rewrite your story, recreate yourself and start living the life you envision for yourself. Here is where you discover the truth of who you really are, tap into your unlimited potential and realize you actually had the power to start your new beginning all along.

I keep the confidence and confidentiality of each session sacred. What is shared in a session is never discussed with anyone. All sessions take place in person (if you are in Miami), or over the phone (no camera). Whichever way you feel most comfortable as long as you can be in a peaceful, quiet place while in session.

I offer Individual, Couples, Marriage, Adolescent and Family Sessions for:

  •  Coping with stress, anxiety or depression
  • Feeling stuck in life
  •  Struggling with insecurity and low self worth
  •  Receiving comfort and support in times of grief and loss
  • Fear of confrontation
  • Feeling angry with God
  • Creating a stronger relationship with God
  • Exploring new directions in life
  • Help with entrepreneurship
  • Managing relationship difficulties
  • Adjusting to changes in health
  • Transforming experiences of childhood abuse and trauma
  • Issues related to drug, alcohol and food addiction
  • Adjusting to life transitions
  • Finding meaning, purpose and fulfillment
  • Developing a positive mindset
  • Questioning sexual identity
  • Help releasing anger and rage
  • Help releasing shame and guilt
  • Help with emotional regulation
  • Family Healing
  • Breakups and divorce
  • Parenting challenges
  • Addressing family concerns
  • Jealousy and lack of trust in relationships
  • Resentment in relationships
  • Keeping families together
  • Creating Sacred partnerships
  • Inner Child Healing

What You'll Receive From Our Sessions:

  • Connect more deeply with God / Source 
  • Get in touch with your soul and your Higher Self
  • Truly understand yourself, your needs, and what drives you unconsciously
  • Understand your soul purpose and mission
  • Strengthen the Body, Mind, Soul connection
  •  Eliminate unwanted behaviors
  • Undo toxic and dysfunctional programing
  • Awaken Spiritually or receive assistance during your awakening
  • Listen to your intuition and divine inner guidance
  • Clear Karma
  • Raise your vibration
  • Heal trauma Spiritually
  • Heal negative thinking
  • Heal anger, sadness, fear, shame, and guilt 
  • Replace outdated beliefs with new beliefs based on Spiritual truths. 
  • Learn to radically Love Yourself completely and unconditionally
  • Master how to speak your truth
  • Stop people pleasing
  • Stop needing approval and validation from others
  • Become a Master Manifester
  • Receive Divine messages from Holy Spirit
  • Shadow Work Training
  • Spiritually heal relationships with mom and dad
  •  Master emotional regulation
  • Master energy transmutation 
  • Spiritually forgive your self and others.
  • Stop reacting unconsciously in unwanted ways and start acting from a place of presence, awareness and intention
  • Heal generational trauma
  • Embody sacred parenting
  • Create Sacred Relationships
  • Create Sacred Partnerships
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Raise consciousness
  • Embrace empathic abilities
  • Master Lightwork
  • Close karmic loops and end karmic relationships
  • Learn to stand in your power
  • Heal codependency
  • Learn how to stop attracting toxic people, relationships, and narcissist’s 
  • Embody and demonstrate divine feminine and divine masculine
  • Sub-personality Healing Work
  • Learn about Metaphysics and Spiritual Principles
  • Create the greatest version of yourself and the highest vision of your life


What Clients Are Saying

"Erika Enriquez is nothing short of amazing. Erika is an incredibly intuitive, passionate, uplifting, positive, fun and deeply sincere mentor. Throughout my years in therapy, I have never been with someone more spiritually intelligent.The self doubt I have conquered after working with Erika is incredible. I have never felt so at peace with myself in my whole entire life. Erika truly cares for the people she is helping. Her advice has given me the ability to be confident and to be my true authentic self. I would have never been able to get where I am today, spiritually and emotionally, without Erika's guidance and perception. I left every conversation feeling more empowered and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Erika sees life in different colors and is such a breath of fresh air. She has helped me figure out my behavioral patterns and why I resort back to certain feelings which has helped me overcome my fear and anxiety. I highly recommend Erika Enriquez to anyone who is looking for guidance in any aspect of their life - she is truly one of a kind. I hold a special place for Erika in my heart and I am so so grateful for what she has done for me. She has changed my life and I have become the person I am today because of her and what she has taught me about myself."


"I was following Erika on twitter as I saw some tweets that resonated with me as I am going through some personal turmoil/growth. It was quite strange because anytime I had a question I could not find an answer to, all of a sudden Erika would tweet and I'd have my answer right there! She has an amazing gift and I urge anyone who is interested in living a spiritual life or needs help dealing with inner demons, Erika is the one to help. I can't thank Erika enough for just knowing what I need and helping find the answers."