Spiritual Support and Prayer Call



We’re all struggling with something. Lets pray about it.

Spiritual Support and Prayer calls are 15 minute calls designed for those who need a little extra support or or are seeking clarity and guidance on specific questions or issues. These calls are also intended for those who are experiencing life challenges and feel the need support.

During these calls, Erika will hold the Sacred space for you and create an environment of clarity and peace. She will teach you to find your own inner Divine guidance, power and strength through prayer, active listening and spiritual council so that you may find answers and solutions based on Spiritual Principles, Universal Truths and deeper communion with God.

These calls are a breath of fresh air because Erika does not see your perceived challenges, obstacles or fear based distortions. She Knows who you really are and see’s you only through Christ vision. She knows all “challenges” are opportunities calling you towards growth, forgiveness, love and expansion of consciousness. These Spiritual Support & Prayer calls are powerful because with each prayer, she gently guides you back Home to truth, peace and comfort.

Once your purchase is complete, team Erika will email you to schedule your call. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]


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