Inner Child Healing Session


If you assume that we are all still children (as grown up as we may seem) and wounded ones at that you would assume correctly and act accordingly. Within all of us is our inner child who in many cases needs to healed and feel safe enough to express themselves. The inner child within is the part of us that sees the wonder and awe in life, sees the magic and the miracles all around us, is playful, silly, funny,  intuitive, honest, innocent, strong willed, caring, creative, imaginative, nurturing, loving, trusting, generous, kind, affectionate, and allows us to dream, to believe and genuinely connect with others without a hidden agenda. You know the inner child is wounded or traumatized when you no longer feel a sense of joy, wonder or connection and often find yourself feeling fearful, or being critical of yourself and others, judgmental, bitter, aggressive, overly emotional, reactive, anxious, depressed and/or negative. The inner child wants to be recognized and feel loved, accepted, wanted, safe, protected and appreciated so it can come out and play. In these 4 sessions we will rediscover the inner child and reconnect with them. We will heal them and allow them to feel safe enough to be who they authentically are and express themselves freely. You will discover that we are in fact the child (heart/emotion) and the parent (logic/brain) at all times and learn to find a balance between them both by understanding how to properly parent your inner child without judgment, fear or shame.



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